The Buried Port

Dance, music, poetry 

2015-16 Live Music and Dance Performance. Part of Ungaretti Project in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute and the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh. Supported by Edinburgh City Council and Florence City Council.


​Bantu Dan Bantu 2013

A site-specific dance performance created for the opening of “Stop Violence” exhibition at Seniwati Art Space, Singapadu (Bali, Indonesia). 



with LaNua dance company, site-specific dance piece performed in different unconventional dance spaces (Dovecote Galley, Botanic Garden). Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Dance Base Edinburgh. Supported by Creative Scotland

Phantom Limbs

Dance-theatre and live music performance. Liam and Monica share a common goal within their artistic practice: to manifest the visions, movements and music that are born within the subconscious. The resulting performance reflects this artistic method and is about personal metamorphosis and the transitions between being and becoming. 

Bantu dan Bantu

Site-specific dance performance created for  “Stop Violence” exhibition at Seniwati Art Space, Singapadu (Bali, Indonesia).

“Bantu Dan Bantu”, Balinese for “help and Help” is, as the title suggests, a cry for help: a cry from a violated soul, and a cry to restore peace both within and without ourselves.

Dancers: Monica De-Ioanni, Junet Juniarta
Director and Choreographer: Monica De Ioanni


Site specific, installation and dance work by director/choreographer/dancer Merav Israel in collaboration with composer Hamish Brown and dancers Rosalind Masson, Monika Smekot, Monica De Ioanni and Iraya Noble. Developed and performed at Old Ambulance Depot in Edinburgh. May 2011. Supported by Creative Scotland.


Site specific, installation and dance performance 'enso' inspired by Zen Calligraphy, Haiku and gardens performed at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010 in partnership with Dance Base at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and Dovecot Studios.
Director/choreographer: Merav Israel
Dancers: Monika Smekot, Monica De Ioanni, Rosalind Masson and Merav Israel

Supported by: Citymoves, Dance House, Dance Base, The Workroom, Scottish Arts Council, Dovecot Studios