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  Monica is qualified in Infant Developmental Movement and Somatic Movement Education with Embody-Move (, licensed by The School for Body-Mind Centering (BMC -

Monica is a very dedicated Somatic Educator, and her wish is to help people to develop a deep sense of embodiment and connect with the healing power that everyone has within their body.



  SOMATIC EDUCATION is a field of exploration of movements, gestures and breath, starting from a sensory-motor and perceiving base. Various methods of movement analysis and body awareness belong to this field, introducing the notion of "soma" to describe the body experienced within us.

BODY MIND CENTERING (BMC) is one of these methods: its experiential approach is based on the study of movement, touch, vocal expression and conscious attention. BMC has its roots in dance, physiotherapy and in various meditation practices.

Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (1942), BMC involves an integrated anatomical study with physiological and psychophysical principles. It uses specific methodologies to investigate body systems and developmental movements.

BMC individual sessions focus on specific needs, or an interest expressed by the person. In this journey, you enter a creative process in which we can discover your own ability of resilience in connection to yourself, the others and the environment.

“The body is the home of feeling; the house of memory. To heal, we need access to it." Tina Stromsted .




Somatic Movement Education (SME)

This session is for everyone and from this session everyone can learn how to find support within their body and mind to generate healing.

We start with an initial discussion about you and how you feel about your body and mind in the moment. You are welcome to describe any health issues, injury or movement restriction you would like to address during the session. Monica then supports you to develop your own embodiment through movement, cellular touch, guided visualization, and listening to the whole body structure. 

This allows release and re-patterning where is needed and helps to generate comfort and ease for the whole body-mind. We work hands-on, eyes closed, experiencing the anatomical structure and body systems. The work focuses on nourishing your body and your connection with your inner resilience. Somatic Movement allows trust in the discovery of the self, along with self-expression. Monica can also tailor for you some exercises including meditative and movement patterns that can be practiced at home to support your daily life and wider adventures. J

We will work in bare feet or socks. Please wear comfortable clothes to allow gentle movement and bring water. 

Session fees are on a sliding scale from £25 (unemployed) to £45 (full waged)

movement to being

Infant Developmental Movement Education (IDME): for parent/c

Infant Development Movement Education (IDME) is a movement and hands-on approach to support a baby's optimal development in the first year of life.

Parent/caregiver will learn how to enable the baby to realize their full potential at every given stage, and give a healthy positive start for all interactions later in life: on physical, cognitive, emotional and social levels.

Through the understanding of the body and the mechanisms that regulate the movement of our little ones, we can help them to fully experience the stages of their development. The child feels free and safe, they move and explore. We listen and observe their patterns; we can support their journey and experience the world together. This session will help you to unlock the ability to ease and enjoy your movement with and for the baby. This will result in a true sense of well-being for both.

During the individual sessions with Monica, parents/caregivers will be guided towards the understanding of children's development stages and learning how to accompany the small one through their development. Thanks to simple movement exercises and a mindful/sensitive touch we will discover this and more together!


· shows you how to fully interact with the infant to help them to enjoy greater ease in fulfilling their potential

· facilitates the development of movement skills that are delayed or not developing due to compensatory movement or restrictions

· offers Breastfeeding/nursing support

· facilitates the natural movement patterns, and the integration of primitive reflexes

· supports the initiating and sequencing of the infant's Basic Neurological Patterns.

Session fees are on a sliding scale from £25 (unemployed) to £45 (full waged)

IDME FB Page: Movement to Being IDME Edinburgh

Sessions are AVAILABLE both as a home visit and at the Edinburgh Centre of Nutrition & Therapy • 11 Home Street Tollcross Edinburgh EH3 9J