Rooted is a result of a joint artist residency in Inverleith House Gallery & Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh where Haleh Jamali (Visual artist) and Monica De Ioanni (Performer) collaborated together for a second time.

Videographer: Haleh Jamali  

Performer: Monica De Ioanni

Soundscape: Liam Baker

Sponsors: Inverleith House Gallery, The Royal Botanic Garden- Stills Gallery

Maximum Ex-posure

2012 with Haleh Jamali (visual artist), Here the viewer is invited to view the subject or to be viewed by the subject in a mutual relationship. Her gaze as well as her movement determines a sense of herself as an individual and creates a private space of her own free of any interruption.
Both Tarantism and Zār traditional healing practices inspired the concept and the movements in these video projections. Tarantism is an ancient therapeutic ritual in Italy. Women who became unbalanced healed the


The figure is set against a white ground wrapped in fabric to create different shapes, sometimes very abstract ones. Monica here uses fabric as a symbolic means to show the struggles and sometimes the frustration of individuals who’s identity have been disguised. In her endeavour she tries to overcome the obstacles and reveal her identity. For more information please visit