Embodiment practice course 2020


Somatic Movement, Collective Learning and Play

with Monica De Ioanni


January 22

January 29 

February 5 

February 19 

February 26 

March 4 

March 11 

March 18 

March 25 

6.30pm -8.30pm 

@ The Salisbury Centre 2 Salisbury Road, EH16 5AB Edinburgh, United Kingdom Both events are on a don

This is a donation basis event suggested donation full course £130 

booking essential at imprevistodanza@gmail.com

Each session of the course will be dedicated to a specific aspect of embodiment and a body system.

     Soma (from Greek: body) is the living body, the breathing, moving, sensitive and perceived body. The moving body becomes an instrument of unfolding knowledge and awareness. 

In this course we explore Body-Mind Centering principles. We work hands- on, eyes closed, vocalising, visualising and experiencing our anatomical structure and body systems. 

You will develop a deep sense of embodiment together with your own individual and unique knowledge and awareness of the moving body. This will support and inspire both your everyday life situations and the wider adventures of your life. 

Somatic movement experience allows trust in the discovery of the self, along with self expression in space and with others. 

There will be space for self-reflection and time for sharing though movement and also vocally or drawing. 

We work in bare feet. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring water. Feel free to bring a notebook with you if you like to make notes during the session. 

If you have any questions about the course please don’t hesitate to contact me: imprevistodanza@gma

Monica De Ioanni (RSME, IDME, PDA, PhD) a dance and arts community Educator for the past 15 years, works in the UK and internationally. With a Ph.D in Environmental Science, Professional Development Awards (PDAs) in Arts Education in Practice and extensive training in Dance and Physical Theatre, Monica has both a multidisciplinary and a personal perspective of movement, arts and education. She continually deepens her knowledge of the body, movement and voice, and has wide- ranging experience in environmental and wellbeing-related projects in the community. Monica qualified in Somatic Movement Education with Embody-Move (embody-move.co.uk) licensed by The School for Body-Mind Centering. Monica is Registered Professional Member of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). 

"Body-Mind Centering (BMCSM) is an integrated and embodied approach to movement, the body and consciousness. Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, it is an experiential study based on the embodiment and application of anatomical, physiological, psychophysical and developmental principles." 


Dance Improvisation Classes 2020

when and where



8pm - 9.30pm
@ Dance Base | National Centre for Dance

14-16 Grassmarket | Edinburgh | EH1 2JU

T: 0131 225 5525

Drop-in £9.50 (£8)

You can also book the block of 13 classes £117 (92.50)

please follow the link below for on line booking:

Looking forward to meeting you!

who are the classes for


These classes are open to all: beginners, dance students, performers, both experienced and not in Dance Improvisation.

​During the classes we will develop ensemble work that will culminate in a showing date and venue TBC. The participation in the showing is optional

Please watch the video about Monica's teaching clicking the link below:

VIDEO CI&IC Classes and Ensemble Performance 

what do we do


Utilizing the principles of contact improvisation and body-mind practices, Monica's teaching focuses on areas such as; awareness of the body's organisation and anatomy; connection to the floor, the space and partner's; and sensing the weight and the flow of the breath into the body. 

Confidence in receiving and giving (lifting, falling, momentum, suspension, weight, impetus) is built through suggested movement patterns and observing the singular expression of the body in motion

Surrounding Moves


Dance improvisation, Instant Composition, Space Responsive Workshop 

Moving with the surrounding from within. How the environment effects my movements how I can intervene on a landscape  through my movement.

Location and Dates TBC

NATURA (ΦΥΣΗ) DanceLab movement - voice Retreat


Summer dance Lab in Nature

Expanding our senses, cultivating the attention, the observation and the search, we will explore the improvisation in solo, duos and groups. Voice, breath, easiness and letting go, connected to being grounded and centred while moving dynamically.

We will use the surrounding of the place we are to let our souls and bodies to express through movement and voice. 

Location and Dates TBC

Monica studied Contact Improvisation and Dance Improvisation with Nancy Stark Smith, Kirstie Simson, Andrew Harwood, Martin Keogh, Merav Israel. " and I have learned from all the wonderful people I met in my dances". Monica Studied Somatic Education with the The School for BODY-MIND CENTERING. As a Registered Professional Member of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA), Monica meets their high Standards of Practice and upholds their Code of Ethics. For more information visit www.ISMETA.org.

CI&IC Classes and Ensemble Performance

Ensemble Performance - Live music and Dance
with the participants of the classes
directed by Monica De Ioanni
8th December 2016
at South Side community Centre, Edinburgh.
This performance is an ensemble work that we develop during the classes.

More info contact Monica at imprevistodanza.com

Photography by Roberto Ricciuti

land and meet

Site Specific Performance April 2018 - Supported by Dance Base - Edinburgh